Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Depth Music Skin For iPod & iPhone

Frame Music Skin For iPod & iPhone. For Use With Winterboard, Place In Var/Stash/Themes. Must Be Jailbroken.

Some info on this type of skin:
- You cannot touch the screen to remove the NowPlayingTopOverlay, so the progress bar will always show
- The genius, shuffle and repeat icons are transparent but can be still pressed

Also, this does not support lyrics. If the song contains lyrics the NowPlayingBottomOverlay flashes black for a second but then goes away.

Also contains some alt images for different variations



  1. gotta say your works are pretty much mind blowing :)

    thanks for developing such nice skins / replacements for iphone/ipod

    peace bro

    rui palmeira(GGUI) aka palmeiraant (devART)

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your amazing stuff!

  3. could i make a suggestion (if you still have the workfiles) ?

    there has been a change in youtube which now shows a bookmark icon & mail icon.
    Is it possible you could theme those icons with the same layer style as the music controls?

    Also posted this comment on your deviant btw


  4. When I search this in cydia, I can't find it. How do I find it??